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Special Products

  • High Dynamic Resilient Rubber Pad
  • Rubberised Level Crossing Road
  • Rubber Products for Defence and Aircrafts
  • Rubberised Washable Apron
  • Heavy Duty Speed Breaker
  • Heavy Duty Speed Cushion
  • Tailored Flexible Pavement for Defence Application
  • Flexible Dam and Tide Breaker
  • Bridge Bearing Pad
  • Seismic Isolation System
  • Varied Suspension Systems
  • Vibration Reduction and Shock Absorption Systems
  • Rubber Buffer
  • Rubber Bush

General Products

  • Rubber Gaskets
  • Rubber Sheets
  • Fabric Reinforced Diaphragms
  • Oil Seals, Gaskets and Buckets
  • Grommets for Irrigation and Other uses
  • Vestibule
  • Moulded and Extruded Products
  • Insulators
  • Power Transmission Coupling

High Dynamic Resilient System

General Moulded Products

Gaskets and Seals


Air Spring Suspension

Seismic Isolation Base

Metal Bonded Products

Rubber Buffer

Rubber Bush

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Contact Us for Technology Transfer for the Rubberised Level Crossing System.This system is applicable in all climatic conditions and railway tracks across the Globe.

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