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Research and Development

Our technical team is very active in new product development, quality control and keeping close relationship with our customers that puts the organization ahead. The active R&D areas are given below.

  • New product development
  • Quality control and analysis
  • Modification of existing design & properties towards better performance
  • Modification of existing design & properties w.r.t. customer feedback
  • Value engineering to evaluate cost of quality

In-house Quality Control Facilities

Incoming Raw Material Testing
image image image
Identification of Raw Rubber By Chemical Analysis, Testing of Incoming raw materials etc.
Process Control
image image image
Rheological Characteristics of Rubber Compound Individual Batch Weight Specific Gravity of Rubber Compound
Finished Product Testing
Instruments Test Parameters
Shore Hardness Meter
Tensile Testing Machine
Shore Hardness
Tensile Strength
Modulus of Elasticity
Elongation at Break
Accelerated Air Ageing at upto 400°C & 200°C
Muffle Furnace (Upto 1000°C)
Compression Set Apparatus for Cellular Material
Air Oven & Muffle Furnace
Glass Tube Ageing
Compression Set Apparatus for Noncellular Material
Swelling of Polymer in Various Solvents
Water Absorption by Weight and Volume Method
Abrasion Resistance (DIN Method)
Abrasion Resistance(BS 903 : Method B)
Ozone Resistance under Static & Dynamic Condition ( ≤200 pphm)
Compression Set Apparatus
for Non-Cellular Material
Compression Set Apparatus
for Cellular Material
Adhesion of Rubber to Metal
Tear Strength
Torque Test
Resistance to Flex Cracking
Rebound Resilience
Ozone Chamber
Abrasion Resistance
Tester (BS 903 : Method B)
Load Deflection Test for
Non-Cellular Material
Upto 800 tonne & 03 Sq. Mtr Area
Load Deflection Test of Cellular Material
Specific Gravity of Vulcanised Material
DIN Abrader

Design protection

The information set forth herein is furnished as a guide and provided based on the technical data as maintained internationally. Considering the continual upgradation of products the information given above may be changed without notice and we undertake no responsibility from the results deriving from their adoption. The structural design of the rubber pads (inner and outer) is registered and reserved by Metalastik Manufacturing Company Pvt. Ltd. under Indian Design Act 2000 and Indian Design Rule 2001. It can not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission of the management of Metalastik Mfg. Co. (P) Ltd, Kolkata.

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